Library unveiled for kids at WellFully

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The WellFully Premier Adolescent Care Center in Rapid City has a new library within it’s brightly colored walls.

A library was planned when designing the new WellFully building which opened last year and Tuesday, it became a reality.

Education is a big focus for the kids housed inside. The addition of books and computers now allows kids to further their reading.

“We had donations of books from people bringing them to us to take a hold of,” said Burke Eilers, Executive Director of WellFully.

A book drive last summer, hosted by Girls Scout Troop 74118 of Rapid City, collected many of the books now sitting on the shelves.

“They collected a whole ton of books that were teen oriented and we owe a lot to the Girl Scouts for rounding up a bunch of books for us,” said Eilers.

The library also aims to help the kids who use the facilities feel more normal.

“One of the things that happens here is we have a group home where we have 18 kids that, this is their home — there is no other home and whether they’re here for a couple of weeks or a couple of years, we want to make it as normal as we possibly can,” said Eilers.

According to Eilers, the hope is to open an after school program for kids in late summer and the library will be a key player. The library will allow space for kids to work on homework and school projects.

After the closing of the Ditech call center in Rapid City last year, the company donated ten computers to WellFully. Four of those computers now sit in the library. They have internet access so kids can do research for projects and assignments.

The library is sponsored by the Coeur Wharf Mine of Lead, which has donated over $75,000 over the past few years to the overall facility.

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