Letting go and sparking joy

It may have been on your list of New Year’s resolutions is to declutter your home. The famous Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo, also known as KonMari, has a method that went viral. A local woman was inspired by this method and is helping Black Hills area people tidy up.

About a year ago Paula Gapp read Marie Kondo’s book “The life changing magic of tidying up” and watched the Netflix series. She was hooked and wanted to learn more. Paula organized her own home on the method and decided to take steps to become a KonMari consultant. She wanted to help others get organized.

Vision Board, Courtesy Paula Gapp Facebook

Vision Board, Courtesy Paula Gapp Facebook

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Paula Gapp, Professional Home Organizer, says, “Maybe something is holding them back to start this process; it’s intimidating you know, where do you start so sometimes having a coach or somebody to help you through the process is just helpful.”

It begins with a vision of your ideal lifestyle. Focusing on journaling to keep your mind organized, helps the energy flow into all areas of life.

“What do you envision for your ideal lifestyle and try to connect back with that through the process- it helps the client remember ‘what it is I’m working toward here’, what’s my vision.”

The KonMari Method encourages tidying by category, beginning with clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous and the grand finale of sentimental items. With a goal of going through every item you own. The hope is that a de-cluttered home will translate into a clear mind.

Closet Before Organizing

Closet Before Organizing

Closet After Organizing

Closet After Organizing

“You think about, if you have a lot of clutter in your home, for me, it makes me feel a little more stressed, to where as if I come home to a kind of neat and organized space, then it makes me feel more calm,” says Paula.

Another aspect of the method is to keep only things that speak to the heart and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank the item and then let it go.

Paula says, “Surrounding yourself with the things that really spark joy, so if you hold an item, and you can relate to it or gives you some kind of a feeling then that is the joy sparking aspect.”

Organizing drawer

Organizing drawer with folding technique

The process may even have you reevaluating your shopping habits and how you store your things, like t-shirts, the KonMari folding method helps you more easily see what’s in your drawers and to see your inventory.

Paula says the method can be fatiguing, that is why most clients do a few hours at a time.

“This was a small step toward, the whole house for example, but I can see the light and I can see how it can be better,” says Paula.

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Paula Gapp, Home Organizer

Paula Gapp, Home Organizer

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