“Let them eat cake…and rock out!” – Marie Antoinette’s guitar goes up for auction

Marie Antoinette Guitar

Photo Credit : CNN

A guitar thought to have belonged to Marie Antoinette is expected to sell for up to $84,000 at auction later this week.

A French auction house lists the late 18th century “Trianon guitar” as a rare type of instrument created in Paris around 1775.

An expert with the auction house says the guitar is exquisite aesthetically and technically, calling it a ‘treasure of refinement.’

The auction house notes there is no documentation accompanying it.

But based on various historical accounts, the instrument it’s believed to be a gift from the last queen of France before the French revolution to a marquise in her inner circle.

The instrument was preserved by the marquise’s descendants.

The guitar is on display in France until Thursday.

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