Lemonade Summer Squeeze Parade for Westhills Village residents and families

As the saying goes- when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Westhills Village is living out that philosophy and celebrating Thursday, which is National Lemonade Day.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — West hills Village Retirement Community is doing well considering the COVID-19 pandemic — they are taking precautions to keep residents healthy and also happy.

Connie Forstner, Marketing Director at Westhills Village, says, “We are looking for every opportunity for the connection and everybody had been encouraging and uplifting during this time, but anytime we can bring some smiles and some fun to an event, just to make everybody remember how blessed we are. It’s a good event to have.”
Residents lined up to wave and watch the cars pass by in the drive though, Lemonade Summer Squeeze Parade.
Residents’ families were able to reach out to their loved ones, with no physical contact by honking, waving and shouting out salutations.
It was a welcomed pause in the day for the residents in the Health Care and Assisted Living facilities.
Millie Kirschenmann, Westhills Resident, says, “It’s an interruption in the daily things. It’s interesting, it’s fun and it keeps out minds working top notch.”
Some residents were a part of the action- riding bikes in the parade, helping to brighten the day of others.
Michael O’Connor, Westhills Resident, says, “It helps us to help other people, you know, when you are helping to make other people happier, it makes you happier so we are trying to have everybody be happy here and let them know that we acknowledge them and that we all care for them.”

Lemonade and other beverages along with lemon bars tests were enjoyed after all the action.


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