Legislators rush to discuss bills before crossover day ends

PIERRE, S.D. — Lawmakers in Pierre are up against the clock to pass and send on or kill scores of bills before this cross-over day ends.

This is the day mandated for bills to pass from the house of origin to the other chamber.

One of the bills that passed today in the house would require school bond votes be held in conjunction with primary or general elections. The sponsor,  Hill City republican Tim Goodwin, says the proposal is intended to increase voter participation.

However, several groups representing school boards and county commissioners opposed the bill. They say special election dates for bond issues are selected, based on construction requirements.

Meanwhile, a strong bipartisan showing on the senate floor yesterday when, as previously reported, senators voted unanimously to approve charter schools for native american students.

At the democrats’ weekly news conference, bill sponsor and District 26 Senator Troy Heinert called it an emotional moment.

“I think that’s the first time a government since the boarding school era has acknowledged that we have an opportunity to right the wrong of what was forced on native people in the late 1800’s, you know that is, that was huge,” Heinert said.

District 25 Sen. Kris Langer also believed that the bill will right the ship.

“You know their cultural differences and their style of learning hopefully we can address some of those issues and make learning fun for those students and effective,” Langer said.

Governor Noem has expressed support for the charter school legislation.

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