Lead City Commission votes to support acquiring property at Gilt Edge Mine

LEAD, S.D. — The State of South Dakota has been working on acquiring property at the Gilt Edge Mine in Lead for almost 20 years now.

The City of Lead has pledged its support for South Dakota to acquire land from the mine site that is in the process of being reclaimed. The mine was operated by The Brohm Mining Corporation before going bankrupt in 1991. The company left the site badly polluted, with massive amounts of contaminated water that continues to produce more every day.

The state took over the site and a year later it became an EPA Super Fund Site.

“So its governed by federal law tied to super funds for the clean up of the mine which means the EPA pays 90% of the cost of the cleanup, and The State of South Dakota through The Department of Environment and Natural Resources pays 10% of the cost for cleaning up the mine, and taking care of the acid rock drainage that’s occurring there,”

The Lead City Commission unanimously voted to have Mayor Ron Everett sign a letter of support for the land acquisition.

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