Lawsuit, water shutoffs loom for Rapid City mobile home park owner

RAPID CITY, S.D. — After years of controversy, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender is taking a code issue with a local mobile home park to the next level.

A water service line sits at the source of the problem. Allender calls it an “inevitable failure” that will risk the availability of water for over 70 homes.

Tucked behind Haines Avenue, the Ridgestone Mobile Home Park on Lindbergh Avenue is sitting on years of controversy.

In June 2017, the city says they notified the property owner, Rand Williams, that the water service line and meter pit must be replaced. Back and forths over the years and leveraging water shut offs, culminated in an agreement with Rapid City to replace the line by April 1 of this year. Months later, no action was taken by Williams.

“Certainly there’s an expense to it but I think that’s hardly an issue to get caught up on when we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent coming in from some of the lowest income folks in our community so it’s time to stick up for those individuals,” said Allender.

In a letter sent to the Rapid City Common Council Tuesday details the next course of action on behalf of the city. Allender writes, “The time for talking and negotiating has passed.”

Should there be no action to bring the property up to code, the city says they will take Williams to court. And after that, they will shut the water off for the park, leaving 73 homes out of water.

“Primarily, as odd as it sounds, we’re willing to shut the water down for this park to bring this landlord into compliance and to insure that landlords respect their rights into the future and make sure other land lords know we’re willing to do the same for them,” said Allender.

We’ve reached out to Williams for comment on the issue and have not received a response.

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