Lawrence County Deputy shoots dog after returning home

WHITEWOOD, S.D. — A dog was shot near Whitewood on Thursday after approaching a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Deputy.

On the evening of March 5th, a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived at his residence outside of Whitewood at the end of his shift. After the deputy exited his vehicle a neighbor’s dog, described as a “large pit-bull mix” in a release from the sheriff’s office, left its property and rapidly approached the deputy while barking. The dog initially moved away when its owner was able to call out to the dog, but it then turned and ran towards the deputy a second time while barking.

When the dog closed the distance between them to a few feet, the deputy fired one round from his service weapon, striking the dog. The dog returned to its home where the owners and a veterinary tech provided medical care to the dog. The dog is now recovering at home in quarantine.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office says this incident remains under investigation.

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