Law enforcement uses social media to curb break-ins

Goal to get in the habit of locking car doors, securing firearms

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Car burglaries have continued to be a problem across the United States. Here in the Black Hills region, law enforcement wants to help the public develop habits that will keep their cars and belongings safe.

With ongoing car break-ins and stolen firearms from unlocked cars, local law enforcement wants to help get people in the habit of always locking their cars and securing their firearms every night. Photo Date: Nov. 1, 2018.

Police want residents to get in the habit of locking their doors every night.

In recent months, car burglaries have resulted in valuables and even firearms being stolen – many out of unlocked cars.

For 21 days starting Thursday, Nov. 1, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office and the Rapid City Police Department will send out daily reminders about locking cars. The reminders will go out via their social media outlets at 9 o’clock every evening using the hashtag #9pmRoutine.

The agencies will be using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to send reminder messages.

The messages will remind recipients to check their cars, and especially firearms, to make sure they are locked and secure.

Twenty-one days was chosen since it usually takes a person about that much time to develop a habit.

Capt. Tony Harrison of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office said that making sure your cars are locked keeps yourself, and the community at large, safer.

“When you steal a firearm, that is a massive public safety risk,” Harrison said. “When you lose your purse, and you lose your credit card or your identity, that’s a public safety risk. And so, anything taken out of a vehicle can turn into a bigger public safety risk because of what’s taken, depending on what it is.”

To receive these daily reminders, just follow any of the following social media outlets:

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