Laura Armstrong under fire as nearly 100 complaints are filed

RAPID CITY, S.D – Rapid City Council President Laura Armstrong is under fire from business owners and residents after they hand delivered nearly 100 complaints to the City Attorney Joel Landeen.

It all stems from a Facebook page called “The Caring Businesses of Rapid City” that highlights businesses that enforce a mask mandate in their establishment, versus those that do not. The rolodex of businesses not requiring masks has been dubbed the “naughty list.”

The complainants accuse Armstrong of creating or supporting the page and are asking she be removed from the Council.

“She abused her position of leadership to intentionally cause harm to businesses that did not mandate masks on their property by calling them out in a list of places to avoid. In so doing she is guilty of oppression, malfeasance, ad gross partiality, all grounds for recall,” said a resident during public comment at Monday night’s City Council meeting. 

Landeen says the council cannot take up any grievances against a member for 10 days, giving all council members an opportunity to respond. 

Armstrong did not make a public statement at Council’s meeting but says the page was created to support and forewarn the vulnerable population, not to cast a bad light on any business.

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