Latest phone scam claims to be Pennington County Sheriff’s officials

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Pennington County Sheriff’s Office has been alerted to a scam pretending to be members of the sheriff’s office.

If you recieve a telephone call from people from the sheriff’s office demanding money or asking for personal information, you are advised to hang up right away. Most recently, the caller is said to have identified themselves as Captain Tony Harrison or Detective Grady, saying the person called has an active warrant.

It is vital that you do not give your personal information to strangers. If someone calls you and asks for personal information, you should hang up the phone and call law enforcement directly.

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office generally does not collect warrants or fines over the phone. An individual would be asked to settle a warrant fee in person. The sheriff’s office can take payment over the phone on certain types of warrants and civil process. If it’s a Power of Attorney warrant, they can also take credit card information and process it.

If you need to confirm that you have an outstanding warrant, the sheriff’s office has a warrant search page on their website.

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