Latest internet buzzword is not a real thing

Doctors say "Flu-rona" doesn't exist; flu and COVID do.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Monument Health dispelling some rumors about a coronavirus-related buzzword being thrown around.

Vice President of Medical Affairs Dr. Shankar Kurra says that there’s no such thing as “flu-rona,” no hybrid virus that is both. He says that the medical community has known for decades people can be infected by more than one virus at a time, and coronavirus and influenza are no exception.

Cases have been popping up across the United States, likely in South Dakota as well.

“I’m sure it is here; when we do these tests, I’m sure we’ll find them,” Dr. Kurra says. “And we won’t be surprised.”

With the U.S. setting a single-day record on Monday for new COVID cases, Dr. Kurra says it’s more important than ever to get vaccinated and wear a mask.

CoronavirusMonument Health’s emergency room hasn’t slowed down since August, averaging 35 COVID patients a day.

Dr. Kurra believes that a surge in cases is coming through January – and not as a result of increased testing.

He says recent rumors that at-home COVID tests are resulting in high positive numbers aren’t true, because those tests aren’t reported to the state’s Department of Health unless the person chooses to.

“This is a true increase in cases, not just increased testing. What we’re seeing – as we’re seeing across the nation and here in South Dakota – is [an] omicron surge,” Dr. Kurra says.

Dr. Kurra suggests getting vaccinated for the flu and coronavirus, which you can do at the same time.

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