Last Chance Motorcycle Club helps bikers keep sobriety

STURGIS, S.D. — The Rally is known for it’s good times and loud parties.

Last ChanceMany Rally goers might have a beer in their hand, but Last Chance Motorcycle Club members will not.

The group is a sobriety organization and they help other bikers stay sober. One ride at a time.

The club originally started in Massachusetts five years ago, but now there are chapters up and down the east coast, even reaching to the mid-west.

“We love being able to help each other. We extend out hand out to anybody in need of any sobriety or recovery help if they need it,” Tony Nee, President of West Palm Beach, Florida Chapter of the Last Chance Motorcycle Club, said.

Some might have been to the Rally in previous years but not as club members. And others are experiencing it for the first time.

“A lot of us travel through the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a great program. It gives all kings of support, it allows people from all over the country to get central services. You can find a meeting anywhere in the country through either their app or they have books,” Nee said. “We just want to extend that and there’s a lot of bikers in the world that may not necessarily feel like an Alcoholics Anonymous room is their kind of thing.”

Nee says he wants people to know that how they help themselves is there choice and he just wants people to know that they’re out there.

“We have people that, you know, we don’t necessarily consider them alcoholics or recovering drug addicts, but they chose to have a clean and sober lifestyle. And we have members from all walks of the disease of alcohol,” Nee said.

There are members within a year of their sobriety while others have up to 40.

Ron Miller, a member of the Massachusetts Chapter of Last Chance M.C., is in his 12th year of sobriety and is committed to continue on the path of sobriety.

“I love what they do and what they’re all about. Recovery is what I’m in and what I’m going to be in for the rest of my life. One day at a time, God willing,” Miller said.

Along with helping members stay sober, the club will also raise money for recovery and halfway houses, mainly coming from different rides they host throughout the year.

“We’re a family club. We take good care of our kids and our wives and spouses, girlfriends. And we extend that out to the public — or we always put a message out to all the other clubs,” Nee said. “You know, sometimes things happen and members don’t know where to go and we’re here to help you on the path.”

While here to visit Sturgis, Last Chance plans to stay for the week to ride around and enjoy South Dakota.

To join or start a chapter, Lee says they can help through the process.

They have a few Facebook pages where you can reach out to them: Last Chance MC Florida, Last Chance MC Mother Chapter, Last Chance Motorcycle Club, and Last Chance MC and Supporters.

“Every day we’re getting new members on our support group,” Miller said. ” They come in to see us and they want to be part of it.”

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