Large turnout for Rapid City’s Coffee with Planners event

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City’s Coffee with Planners event had a larger than usual turnout at city hall Wednesday.

The topics ranged from the definition of what an Airbnb actually is, to who really pays for road improvements. Planners say this style of community engagement is critical when talking about sensitive or important issues.

“It’s very important, and we love to get the information out to the public and get feedback from the public because as planners we can’t be everywhere, so the public is a very good source of information for us. People are out driving in their neighborhood or driving to work and they see things that we don’t see. We like them to report that to us so we know what’s going on.” said Kip Harrington, Long Range Planner for Rapid City.

Another key issue discussed was a “Dark Sky Initiative.” It is aimed at not only reducing energy costs, but also improving health, ecosystems and aesthetic value of the city.

“We got a lot of feedback today from people at our table with a lot of personal anecdotes about light coming in their window at night, light trespass from neighbors or businesses or some specific businesses that are just way overlit and just the frustration with that. We are just trying to find opportunities to work with those organizations to find better lighting.” said Kevin Crosby, Rapid City Sustainability Committee.

Coffee with Planners is held quarterly, residents are invited to come and share their thoughts.


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