Lakota Nation Invitational hosts organizations with a variety of positive messages

RAPID CITY, S.D. –A variety of schools came to play at Lakota Nation Invitational this week. But that wasn’t the only action happening.

A variety of vendors and organizations were present; passing out information on their groups.

One such booth was the Oglala Lakota County School District’s Lakota Tech – a new high school opening in Wolf Creek, next year.

 “It’s been amazing to see it start from just a dirt ground,” says Principal Stephanie Eisenmenger. “And we now have the foundation  laid and the walls going up. We even have roofers coming in next week, so it’s been a really exciting journey.”

The school is enrolling roughly 400 students who will have the chance to choose a variety of disciplines, like health sciences and business, to learn, in addition to their state required curriculum. Athletics and activities, such as cheerleading, chorus and more will be a part of the Lakota Tech experience.

For more information on Lakota Tech, visit their website.

Another equally interesting booth is that of Pennington County State’s Attorney’s Office Diversion Program.

The idea is that participants in the program will work much harder to complete it than pleading guilty to criminal charges. Members will be expected to complete their tailored requirements of either internships, job training, community services, etc.

If the program is completed – and the person stays out of trouble for a year – the State will supposedly allow a motion to expunge that person’s record.

“A person has to be sincere and genuine and wanting these changes,” said Outreach Coordinator, Erik Bringswhite. “And we see these young people that are impacted by a mistake they made at a young age that resonates throughout adulthood.”

Anyone can apply for the program with appropriate non-violent misdemeanors and low-level crimes.

For warrant resolutions by the Safety and Justice Challenge program people may call 1-800-262-2149.

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