Lakota Nation Invitational Art Show displays creative influences

Best in show is put on the cover of the LNI's program for next year.

RAPID CITY S.D. – The Lakota Nation Invitational gives athletes of all types the chance to show their stuff. But one competition gives artistic students a way to bask in the spotlight too.

Students from 16 schools submitted works of art for the LNI Art Show. The artwork display runs through the LNI and lets athletes and families stroll through and browse artwork.

The young artists create their works with ceramics, watercolors and other forms showing them for all to see. The show allows the artists to collaborate about their art and its influences.

“I don’t know much about my Native American history but I want to learn,” said Kylie Wanatee, one of the artists. “I want to get into this, I’m starting to incorporate Native American things into my artwork. Before, it was just landscapes and cool stuff and things like that.”

Winners in each category receive a piece of Lakota pottery. The best in show is put on the cover of the LNI’s program for next year.

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