Labor Day Weather Stats

How have we performed over the past several years on Labor Day?

Well, Labor day is this coming Monday, and we’ll talk about the forecast later on in this post. Before we get into that, I did some digging around and found some Labor Day Records that were interesting.

Let’s dive in!

We average only 0.04″ of rain. The most we’ve seen on a Labor Day was 0.4″, which was set back in 1968. Surprisingly, we haven’t seen any snow on Labor Day.

This is going to be divided up into 4 categories; record high, record coldest high, record warmest low, and record low. First, the record high temperature was on Labor Day in 1976 and again in 1978, where we hit 102°. (Just think, if Labor Day this year was 2 days earlier, we would be talking about possibly hitting that record. We won’t come close to the record high, but I am keeping an eye on the other end of the weather pendulum. Details later on.)

For the record coldest high Temperature, you’ll have to go back to Labor Day of 1962. It was then that the high was only 52°. Two years prior to that, in 1960, we had the record warmest low of 70°.

For the record low, you have to go all the way back to the year that “Oklahoma” opened up on Broadway, “Lassie Come Home” and “For Whom The Bell Tolls” were popular films, and the Toyota AC was one of the only few cars manufactured that year due to WWII. That year was 1943 where we had the record low of a chilly 34°.


1943 Toyota Model Ac 01
(Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

As previously stated, if Labor Day 2020 would’ve fallen on September 5th, I would be concerned about that record high being in jeopardy.We’re not going to see that on Monday, as a matter of fact, we won’t come close to that. Instead, I am more worried about that record low! My forecast low is 37°, and hopefully the cloud cover stays in play long enough to keep us there. Honestly, it wouldn’t take much to clear us out. All it would take would be a break in the clouds and hardly any wind, and it’ll drop that low a few notches.

Speaking of Labor Day, What good would this post be without a Labor Day Weekend Forecast? Well, ask and you shall receive! Here’s a look at your Labor Day Weekend, and take a look at that drop in temps! We are flirting with the triple digit mark on Saturday, cooling off a smidge on Sunday, and we can say “Sayonara” to the heat for Monday as we go into the low 60’s!

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Have a fun, and safe, Labor Day Weekend!


-Erik Dean
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