Krull’s Market celebrating huge milestone

HILL CITY, S.D.– Store owners and employees are marking 30 years of serving Hill City and the surrounding area.

KrullsDennis Krull first moved the store West River in 1992, and was met with several issues early on. Thanks to help from several community members and organizations, the store has become a staple in the community.

Krull and his family take pride in the roots they have developed.

“Every time something would happen, that we would have to fix or we would have to take care of,” former owner Dennis Krull said. “The community would come and help us re-stock the shelves and take care of everything that needed to be done at that time. And that’s why we’re successful. Is because we had the help of the community.”

Krull’s daughter Danielle and her husband Eric, the current owners of the store, have a week of activities planned to commemorate the occasion.

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