Kindness message being spread among servers working during labor shortage

Businesses around Rapid City are being put up for kindness and understanding for staff as they hustle to take care of customers.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Servers around the Black Hills are faced with a tall task – pleasing crowds of visitors from all over the country coming out to eat amid a worker shortage.

“Basically just running around, when it gets really busy, that’s the toughest part,” said Ashley Baugh, a Server with Que Pasa Mexican Cantina.

But they’re making it.

“You have to run your foods, you have to bus your tables in the same time, it’s kind of tough, but it’s ok,” said Mustafa Calis, also a Server at Que Pasa Mexican Cantina. “Yeah, we’re handling it”.

Signage up around businesses in Rapid City is asking for kindness and understanding for staff as they hustle to take care of customers.

Working all day to get by themselves.

“Most of us do work all day but at the end of the day as I said, there will be our ups and downs and sometimes we’ll get frustrated but then we’ll realize we’re only here for a good 10 hours, 12 hours throughout the day and we go home, see our families and everything after and then the day is done and over with,” said Scott Reddest, a Server with MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill and Pub.

Throw in that some of these servers are far from home, like Ashley from Jamaica, and Mustafa from Turkey, and you add another element to an already complicated issue.

But it’s not all bad for these smiling faces who are doing their best to serve you.

“The only thing that’s similar to back home is like being around people that’s so friendly” Baugh said. “That’s just basically it, so it’s like I’m home, so it’s like a home away from home for me”

Servers are pressing on as the demand for service rises.

“You can never be too upset with customers because they come here to eat and just sit back and relax,” said Reddest.

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