Kindergartners take tour of Rapid City Fire Department

RAPID CITY, S.D. – In honor of Fire Prevention Week, the Rapid City Fire Department gave a group of kindergartners a tour around their fire station.

Mrs. Samuelson’s kindergarten class from Newell got to see everything that a fire station has to offer, like where the firefighters eat, sleep and train. They also got an up-close look at the fire engines and trucks, as well as what goes inside them.

Samuelson says this is a great opportunity for her students to start thinking about firefighting as a career, even at such a young age.

While taking a look inside some of the fire trucks, the students were able to see how firefighters prepare and how a team assembles quickly when someone calls for help.

Public Information Officer for the Rapid City Fire Department, Lt. Jim Bussell, says taking kids on tours of the station is a great way to teach them about fire safety and what firefighters do to help the community. “Fire station tours, personally, it’s my favorite way of interacting, because again, it’s a great opportunity for us to interact with people when they’re really attentive.”

Bussell says that tours like this give them the chance to remind people and kids about the importance of fire safety and prevention. “Just want to encourage everyone to look, listen and learn. Understand that fires can happen anytime, anywhere. Have an exit plan. Have working smoke alarms. Take inventory and be aware of your surroundings.”

Due to the cold weather, Samuelson’s class had to cancel their plans to eat lunch at the park. Luckily, they were invited by the firefighters to stay and eat lunch with them at the station.

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