Kids race vegetables at Black Hills Farmer’s Market

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It was an eventful day at the Black Hills Farmer’s Market with some of the produce being put to some extra, if not interesting use.

Saturday morning, the Farmer’s Market held its annual Great Zucchini Race.

Young children were invited to put zucchinis or other vegetables, including a potato, in this event to extra use.

Organizers say it was a great opportunity for kids to get back to enjoying the event.

“We cancelled it last year, but this is our third annual Great Zucchini Race, so the, you know, this time of year, zucchinis are so abundant that that it’s fun to have a new and fun use for them,” said Black Hills Farmer’s Market Manager Barbara Cromwell.

The participants were able to buy their vegetables from the farmer’s market or bring them from home.

Cromwell says that this event gives the children a chance to use their creativity and unique mark on the event, all while using the materials in their own way.

“We get such a wide variety of ideas of what to do with it and and you know, we have mini marshmallows to hold the wheels on and and so it’s it’s just really funded and googly eyes and you know all the fun things as it rolls down the ramp,” said Cromwell.

First and second place ribbons were presented to the respective winners and spoiler, the potato finished second.

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