Kids race around Main Street Square during Strider Fest

Kids from near and far rush over and around obstacles on Strider bikes

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Kids from near and far raced around the track at Main Street Square Saturday during the first Strider Fest in Rapid City.

The kids buckled their helmets and hopped on their bikes to compete in a range of different races.

The Strider Cup and the Adventure-Cross Race were the two categories – with the Strider Cup having different age classes from two to six years old.

“Our world headquarters are located in Rapid City. And so we thought this would be the perfect place to host Strider Fest and just let the world come play in our backyard,” Hannah Peterson, public relations specialist at Strider Bikes, said.

Through the twists and turns on the track, competitors faced obstacles like the “Noodle Monster,” ramps and a tunnel.

In the adventure-cross race, it was similar to a triathlon. There were three actions that four to six-year-olds had to do for each lap they completed: running, striding, and pedaling.

With about 200 racers, they all received a medal or a trophy.

“It’s been fun for all the kids who are from different areas to come together, meet each other, get to race together,” Peterson said. “They all share the same passion for riding. So, it’s just been super fun for them. It’s been so fun for the parents and the community.”

Rapid City Public Schools ran a booth for first aid, carrying supplies from bandages to sunscreen while firefighters and police officers could be seen in the crowd to make sure kids rode with their helmets on.

Strider Fest2People traveled to partake in the fest, either venturing from around the world, or even from eastern South Dakota. There were families from Canada, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

Ryan Chase didn’t travel as far as some, but they still drove here from Sioux Falls for his three-year-old to ride

“We came out here for the Strider Cup. We love Strider Bikes, and we love to concept of balance with all the confidence they give kids on bikes,” Chase said. “It’s a lot of fun. A good opportunity for him just to play and recreate and compete. And just get some good experience with other kids.”

Many are also enjoying the sights of the Black Hills area while they are here.

Chase said they went to places such as Bear Country, Reptile Gardens, Mount Rushmore, and plan on visiting the Badlands on their way out.

The fest will continue Sunday with a discovery ride at 8 a.m. It’s free for kids and adults to enjoy at the Outdoor Campus – West.

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