Keystone’s “Big Foot Bash” a day of celebration and record-breaking

KEYSTONE, S.D. — Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti, or Skunk Ape – whatever you may call him (or her) – popularity has skyrocketed, and Keystone residents were more than happy to welcome the creature of many names to town this weekend.

The Keystone Chamber of Commerce and Dahl Chainsaw Art joined together for a Big Foot Bash, and to measure the world’s largest bigfoot sculpture

Jarrett Dahl began working on it in October, and with the help of a crew from Kentucky, was able to complete his art in roughly eight days.


The statue is made from Black Hills ponderosa pine, cedar, and cottonwood.

“A few years ago, I got the idea from a local guy to carve a much smaller bigfoot. I‘ve had a really good response; it’s actually been probably one of the most popular pieces here, so that’s kinda where the idea originated, I guess,” said Jarett Dahl, owner of Dahl Chainsaw Art.

The Keystone Chamber used bigfoot as an opportunity to display all the city has to offer. With the addition of the yeti, the city now has the largest wooden bigfoot sculpture in the world.

“So today we did the measuring and he’s exactly 22.8 feet from sitting on his butt to the top of his head. He should be the worlds largest wooden chainsaw sculpture of bigfoot,” added Robin Pladson with the Keystone Chamber of Commerce.

Getting in on the craze, shops in Keystone carried a variety of bigfoot paraphernalia, and the Chamber is hoping to host more bigfoot events in the future.

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