Keystone religious organization reaching out to community and fighting hunger

KEYSTONE, S.D. — A religious organization in Keystone is hosting a meal Friday to get to know the community a little better.

3 30 Keystone Pantry Vo00 00 04 21still001The Keystone Project served a chicken fajita lunch at their ministry center on Pankratz Road. If you’ve ever noticed the large log cabin over looking the town, that’s them.

The Keystone Project has operated in town for over 10 years, and the meal offers a chance for the community to see what the project is all about.

Shawn Walker The Keystone Project Director of Operations says, “So, we definitely want them to know who we are but that’s really not our primary goal. Our primary goal is that we want to serve the community and really make connections and find out what their needs are and how we can be a better blessing to them.”

The Keystone Project plans to make the meal a monthly event.

Walker says to keep an eye on their Facebook page for the next one and RSVP so the proper amount of food is prepared.

Those in attendance also had a chance to learn more about the Keystone Mobile Food Pantry.

Michael Proios started the pantry three years ago, after noticing a growing need between Keystone and Hill City. He’s currently helping feed 150 people a week, and he noticed the need during his time as a postal worker and took it upon himself to do something.

Michael Proios creator of the Keystone Mobile Food Pantry says, “It’s a heart tug, I do it on my own dime. Bought a refrigerated truck and I maintain it, fuel it and just bring in the food every week to the people to limit food insecurity.”

The Keystone food pantry is stocked with goods from local grocers and distributes food every Thursday at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Keystone starting at 11:45 a.m.

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