“Keep on truckin” Rapid City Regional Airport, nationwide businesses prepare for Sturgis Rally

RAPID CITY, S.D. – One more day before the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicks off, and the Rapid City Regional Airport is roaring with excitement as riders fly in for the rally.

Riders Collecting Their Bikes At The AirportMany made the decision this year to truck their bikes in rather than ride them in from out of the state or even the country. There are trucks lined up in the back parking lot of the airport full of bikes ready to go.

“This is our largest year. We have had 21 trucks, which is the most ever,” Marketing, Communications, and Air Service Development for the Rapid City Regional Airport Manager Megan Johnson said.

“They ship with us, they fly in, they walk out of the airport. They come here and they get on their motorcycle and then they enjoy themselves for a week,” Owner of Singletary Motorcycle Transport Jim Singletary said. “They bring the motorcycle back, and in three or four days, they have their motorcycle back to them.”

For around 20 years, Singletary has been in the business of shipping motorcycles to Rapid City from the southeast, primarily from states such as Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. This year, 60 bikes were in his care with around 80 percent of his clientele being repeat customers. He has a full inventory, he says, with him even having to turn down customers because of the maximum allotment.

Singletary also offers tour services as well in the Black Hills region along with Northern California and even to Alaska. His knowledge and history of providing the shipping service is a big part of his success.

“Coming in, Dave, who is not here anymore with the airport but is in maintenance and contracting with the airport. He used to have all of this and I approached him. It just all worked out. We are staged here and the airport has really come a long way. Making the grounds, blocking stuff in, the airport has grown here quite a bit.”

However, even with the 21 trucks recognized by the airport this year that are coming in, Singletary has the official claim of being the first to have established a spot bringing in the motorcycles.

“This used to all be just grass and one truck: me. I know the area, I know where to go and I can help pass that information along to the riders that come out.”

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