Keep an eye out for the green comet Wednesday and Thursday

Glowing Green Comet

Photo Credit: CNN

Keep an eye out for an unusual light in the sky because a recently-discovered green comet is set to zoom past Earth for the first time in 50,000 years.

Astronomers first discovered the icy celestial object last March and they think the last time the comet was visible in the night sky was during the Stone Age.

It’s orbit passes through the outer reaches of the solar system, which is why it’s taken such a long time to swing by our planet again.

The comet will make its closest pass to Earth between Wednesday and Thursday, and it will appear as a faint green smudge near the North Star.

And don’t worry about the comet coming too close to Earth because it will be at least 26 million miles away. That’s more than 100 times as far the the moon.

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