Kadoka community comes together for storm recovery

KADOKA, S.D. — With severe storms plaguing the area last week, damages and debris left behind by the storm can still be seen in Kadoka.

On Tuesday, June 14, the small town was hit with a thunder storm, hail, and 80+ MPH winds.

“It was just pretty crazy – the aftermath of the storm – like driving around town, just looking at all the smashed grain bins,” Chase Holley, Kadoka resident said. “I mean, even the football field got affected too by the storm and the bleachers torn apart, and buildings just ripped to shreds.”

7grainelevatorrubbleSome people even had severe damage done to their homes or lost it completely.

“[A] Young couple who were in their house — it was a single wide and the wind was so forceful. It rolled the house with them in it three times. And I went out to see what I could do for them. It basically just — the whole house is gone.” Donna Enders, Local Famers Union Insurance agent in Kadoka said. “It’s just gone, and their personal belongings were scattered.”

Most of the damages on resident’s homes had a wide range of severity. One family’s damage was about $40,000 to $50,000 in just personal belongings and another property, which was a double wide, was about $150,000.

Businesses in the community also faced a range of aftermath; some just had power outages while others saw major damages — like the Midwest Cooperative having grain elevators destroyed.

The community came together to help in any way they could, like donating food or teaming up to clean some messes that were left behind.

“I think, you know, that one thing about small South Dakota towns is when a tragic event happens, the community does pull together, as a community. Helping hands, you know, and just helping where they can.” Deb Olney, Lil’ Bit of Everything store owner said.

Members of the football and basketball teams joined in the clean up of the football field. Even places that might not come to mind, people were helping clean up.

“I actually work at our community pool a lot, and one of the bad things that happened is a glass table shattered at the bottom of our pool, which really was terrible. And, you know I stepped up and I offered to go down there and clean up all the glass shards, or as much as I could, and I think I got a lot of it.” Holley said. “So, instead of us completely draining out our pool and going in there, I just said, ‘You know what, I’ll just dive down there and clean it all up.'”

Although they are still picking up some pieces, Kadoka is recovering well through the help of the community coming together.

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