K9 Keg Pull fetches fun in Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Dozens of dogs raced their way down the track with kegs in tow at the Deadwood track Saturday.

Some of the pups took off, and some needed a little persuasion to cross the finish line.

“I think she’s going to do the best she can, and that’s just going to be the best she can do,” said Cora’s owner.

Cora is already a pro though, she was last year’s winner. 

Al Capone, though, was hitting the weights before the big day. Despite the dedication, the expectations for Al Capone were a bit low.

“I think he’s gonna wander all over the course, and then kind of correct, and then bring it home at the end, basically,” said his owner.

That’s pretty much exactly what happened, a few minutes after Al Capone finished sniffing my microphone. 

K9 Keg PullCora was a little more confident. Her owner claimed that “she’s very motivated” and Cora barked in agreement.

Cora and Al Capone were met by some stiff competition: Kona and Tank.

“Tank could go either way, he could stop and visit everybody along the way, or he’ll just race down there to the end before anybody else gets down there,” his owner said, and also implied that Kona would be equally unpredictable. “She could do one of two things. She could just sit here and just get lazy and not move at all (relatable), or she could possibly pull some real weight.” 

In the end, none of those four dogs took home the championship, but they’re all winners in their owners’ hearts. Skipper was this year’s fastest pup, but what matters is that everyone had fun, especially the humans.

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