Just how warm will it get this week?


RAPID CITY, S.D. – Let’s check out what the weather will be like as we head into the second week of January.

Temperature trends: 

Temperatures this week will be very similar to  what we’d see in the early spring. We’ll see a dip in temperatures to the low 40’s in the middle of the week, but they’ll gradually climb back to the 50’s by the end of the week.

Will we get any precipitation?

There is a very, very slight chance for some rain/snow showers on Wednesday, but other than that, this week should be dry.

Will it be windy?

This week should be relatively calm. We’ll see a couple days where sustained winds are between 10 and 15 mph. So, really not too bad, just a light breeze.

What should I wear?

Break out your fall and spring clothing again, because that’s what this week will feel like.

Weekend forecast:

This weekend will be in the 50’s and should be dry. We’ll have some increased could cover on Saturday, but not expecting any precipitation at this moment.

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