1+1 Winner: Julie Thompson

A student counselor from South Park Elementary has detailed her plans to create a calming environment for students needing to de-stress. 

Julie Thompson is the recipient of the NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Banks 1+1 Giveaway. Every two weeks, an educator is chosen to receive this $500 grant to put toward a project that they would otherwise have to pay for themselves.  

Thompson counsels kindergarten to fifth grade and is working to create a calming center for children to unwind. She hopes this will allow students to be more proactive in the classroom. In the center, Thompson plans to have students sit on a bean bag or in a comfortable chair while listening to soft music with earphones. She says it’s important for students to regulate their emotions with a little time to themselves.

“It’s just a safe environment for them just to be able to breathe and be kids." 

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank are proud to help fund this project. KNBN Sales Manager Anna Whetham says Thompson’s idea is unique and definitely worthwhile.

"In this day and age, with technology, all of life’s problems and issues and just the chaos of life, it’s hard to really find some time to relax as a student."

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