Joyful Tots Play: An entertaining and safe space for any toddler

Co-owned and operated by Bre Kveene and Mercedes Knapp, and located in Rapid City, Joyful Tots Play brings entertainment to toddlers ages zero to five, while providing a safe space for them to play. They also host birthday parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, baby showers and any other event you can think of.

How did you come up with the idea for Joyful Tots Play?

“I was looking for ideas for my son, he’s one-and-a-half now, I was looking for ideas for his playroom, and I found an advertisement from the Soft Play business in a different state. And Mercedes, my co-owner, I went to school, we taught together, and I was like, ‘Look at this idea. This is so cool. We should do this,'” Bre said. “Like, we don’t have anything like this here. So we just did it. The rest is history.”

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Joyful Tots Play 14What can you expect to find at Joyful Tots Play?

We have a toddler size bouncy castle, foam blocks, ball pits and a little toddler roller coaster.

“So we have a few different things and we have different options and sizes that whatever the client is wanting, we can make it work for them and what stage kids may have,” Bre added.

The area also has foam mats all over the floor “so the parents can be assured wherever they are having that party, that they’re safe and contained in that play area.”

They also have sensory bins to help with early childhood development.

“We’re both certified teachers, so we’re always trying to incorporate in that education,” Mercedes said.

Is Joyful Tots Play restricted to one location? 

“We can do pretty much anywhere,” Bre explained. “We have done backyards, we’ve been done in the parks like Canyon Lake Park, we can do garages, living rooms, basements, you name it. We can pretty much make anything work. We’re really trying to build that community with moms around, wrap it in the surrounding area, too.”

Why did you decide to go into this business?

“My kids are older. I was like, ‘I wish something like that would have been available when my kids were little.’ And we realized, you know, that we didn’t have that here,” said Mercedes. “Seeing the kids coming in and usually the first time when they see it, they get so excited. I mean, we get excited. We enjoy putting it together. I mean, if I was five and younger, I would love to go and play.”

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