Journey Museum hosts Native American Film Festival

RAPID CITY — The Journey Museum hosted a week long Native American Film Festival last week.

The festival featured four films, which included a comedy, mockumentary and films taking place on Pine Ridge.

It was the first Native Film Festival at the Journey, and was an opportunity for viewers to see a positive representation of Native American culture.

The films have also been making positive impacts on other film festivals, allowing Native filmmakers to explore the lives of indigenous people and those living on reservations.

“These are stories that you don’t find in your history books.” said festival participant Patte Hollis.

The films screened were ‘Neither Wolf Nor Dog’, ‘More Than Frybread’, ‘A Thunder Being Nation’ and ‘Rez Bomb’.

“It’s really nice to see those filmmakers get some recognition because they do a fantastic job.” said festival goer Letoy Fackelman.

The Journey considers this festival to be a success but along with the viewers, hopes to grow the festival in years to come.

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