Jolly Lane Greenhouse helps locals spring into summer

RAPID CITY. S.D. – Jolly Lane, a family owned greenhouse in Rapid City, is extra busy in the spring helping locals find the plants they’re looking for to brighten up their yards and homes.

“We’re a family owned business. This is our 52nd year in business. We’ve been here for a long time, so, you know, we really feel like we’re a hefty part of the community,” says Tim Sime, owner of Jolly Lane. “Ask us all the questions! We like to think we can provide not only the product mix but the knowledge and expertise that you need to to be successful.”

Jolly LaneShopping at a local greenhouse can help ensure that buyers end up with plants that can thrive in the local climate.

We offer plants that are well-suited for our area, not that other stores don’t, but when it comes to winter hardy type plants, it’s always important to make sure you’ve got something that’s suited for our winter climates,” Sime says. “Whether it be annual flowers, vegetable line, up, nursery stock, tree shrubs, landscaping or whatever.”

Plus, experts can offer suggestions that are specific to the area and help buyers make selections that are tailored to their skill level.

The months of April, May and June, May being probably the prime month where everybody’s just eager to get out and plant. We’ve all been shut up all winter long, and we all know the summers in South Dakota are very beautiful, but they’re also kind of on the short side… and, you know, we have a lot of up and down weather. So I always encourage people you know, don’t get too antsy on some things. Make sure you wait till the weather’s suited, until frost is out of the forecast,” Sime adds.

“You don’t necessarily need a backyard to enjoy a plant or two,” Sime explains. “We have a huge selection of indoor houseplants, foliage plants. It can be grown indoors. And, you know, a lot of apartments have a a patio or balcony or something, and we see a lot of people that are planting tomatoes or some small gardening aspect. They can still enjoy that that aspect of life without having an actual yard or something.”

Jolly Lane offers more than plant advice. Sime says a visit to the greenhouse is an activity the whole family can enjoy.

I see some gals in here I know five days a week and they just enjoy it out there. It’s their thing, their hobby…a lot of times they say, this is my therapy. You know, what better thing than buying flowers and enjoying them? And with our garden bar and stuff, we have people that show up and just enjoy wine or a beer and they just make it an afternoon or a day sometimes.”

With flowers, grasses, cacti, and even Koi fish, it’s an errand that anyone can look forward to. 

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