Jewel Cave goes “batty” over new, children’s book

Black Hills Parks & Forests Association has a new children’s book available about their partner location, Jewel Cave National Monument, called "Baxter Saves the Day."

JEWEL CAVE, S.D. — Black Hills Parks & Forest Association worked with South Dakota author Pat Schultz to help launch her book “Baxter Saves the Day”.

Baxter Saves the Day Book Cover

“Baxter Saves the Day” Book Cover

The story is based on an actual bat that Pat’s daughter (who once worked at Jewel Cave) and other staff at the Cave named “Baxter.” The story is fiction but has some facts about bats and caves in it.  The story is about a Townsend’s Big Ear Bat named Baxter that helps save Jewel Cave National Monument from a wildfire.

Matthew White, Operations Manager BHPFA

Matthew White, Operations Manager BHPFA

Matthew White, Operations Manager at BHPFA, says, “We are very lucky that Pat took such an interest in Jewel Cave and just was so creative with this book. And now Jewel Cave now has their own children’s book that we can share with the community and our visitors.”

Matthew says that bats play an important part of our ecosystem and they also eat mosquitoes, which is great this time of year and heading into summer.

Pat Schultz, the author and illustrator, says, “It was kind of cool to be able to send them [my grandkids] the link and say, ‘Hey, Grandma’s reading you a story.’ It was just kind of fun to present the book and get to read your own book, and read it the way that is was written.”

"Baxter Saves the Day" book excerpt

“Baxter Saves the Day” book excerpt

A portion of store proceeds is provided to the partners for educational materials and programs. BHPFA is an official non-profit partner of Wind Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument, Black Hills National Forest, Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands and the National Grasslands Visitor Center.

The cost of the book is $9.95.

Pat says she is writing a second adventure for Baxter, so look for that sometime in the future.

“Baxter Saves the Day” is available for purchase on the BHPFA website, click here.

Click here for the YouTube link of a free, special video reading of the book by author Pat Schultz.

"Baxter Saves the Day" book excerpt

“Baxter Saves the Day” book excerpt


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