1+1 Winner: Jacque Blaha

During the school year, NewsCenter1 teams up with First Interstate Bank to gift a teacher with $500 to help pay for things that would otherwise come out of pocket.

Jacque Blaha from General Beadle Elementary School was awarded May 10. She’s a very special recipient, because her funds are going toward a new program beginning next school year. As an early development teacher, she’ll begin working with preschool students.

"We are starting a new pre-K classroom at General Beadle next year, and we’re starting from scratch," Blaha said. "So I’m going to use the money to purchase books we can use in the classroom and that children can access while they’re in preschool."

Amber Whitford from First Interstate Bank recognizes the importance of early education and is happy to help General Beadle get their program started.

"She doesn’t have an established class yet, and I can’t even imagine the time, and the effort, and the money it’s going to take to do that to make these little kids successful, so it was to me, the freshest of the fresh,” Whitford said.

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