Jacobs Brewhouse in Deadwood is looking to open the cities only brewery

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Jacobs Brewhouse and Grocer in Deadwood is owned by Scott and Sharon Jacobs, who moved to Spearfish from California and opened up Scott Jacobs Art Gallery in 2016. Ever since, Scott and his family have been dreaming of opening a restaurant inspired by their west coast roots here in the Black Hills.

Scott and Sharon Jacobs, owners of Jacobs Brewhouse and Grocer, said, “I would say that the community of Deadwood and Spearfish have embraced us with open arms and we didn’t feel like that ever in California. Too many people, way more business friendly here and it was just a great transition.”

Jacobs Brewhouse offers a full restaurant, brewhouse, bakery, and a gourmet grocer. By offering a variety of different things that are new to Deadwood, Jacobs Brewhouse was able to attract customers from the start.

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“The day that we opened up the brewhouse it became successful immediately, because the transition happened in front of the community. These buildings that a lot of people said were drive by buildings, nobody ever really recognized them anymore, you just drove by them. Now all of sudden it’s like, ‘oh my god did you see that beautiful new building?’,” Scott Jacobs said.

Coming in May, Jacobs Brewhouse will be opening its doors to Deadwoods only brewery, which is under construction and undergoing the finishing touches.

Chad Carson Quinn, Head Brewer, said, “I’m developing a membership program that I hope is more than just a beer club, and has some educational aspect to it as well with tastings and beer and food pairings. Its gonna take awhile just to see where we land in the whole scope of the Black Hills region, but I’m pretty sure up here we will make our own little imprint.”

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