It’s official – new and improved parking meters are coming to Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Last night the City Council approved modern parking technology. Over 600 smart meters and pay stations will be in the downtown area by early June. 

Customers will have a number of payment options. Debit, credit, coin and even a mobile app will be among those payment methods. With the mobile app, customers will be able to buy more time from wherever they may be.

Not only will the project be convenient for locals, but it will also bring in more revenue for Rapid City. As of now, professionals say that the city loses more money with coin meters. The lack of payment options can be inconvenient for people that do not typically carry change.

The new meters will also prevent customers from taking advantage of the system. They will have sensors to detect when cars pull in and out of the spots. This prevents customers from using credit from a previous customer.

The technology will assist residents, tourists, and even parking enforcement officers. The ticketing software is compatible with the handheld devices that the officers use. People will be able to access parking tickets online, pay online, and start the dispute process online.

Community develop is excited to get the $713,000 project going and ready for tourist season.


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