IRS bringing back 46,000 furloughed employees for tax season

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following the Trump administration’s promise to issue tax refunds on time despite the government shutdown, the Internal Revenue Service has recalled 46,000 furloughed employees.

Previously 70,000 IRS workers were furloughed, leaving only 12 percent of the department available to process tax returns.

While many have been relieved by the administration’s move to issue refunds on time, others have voiced concern that it will lessen the pressure for Congress and the President to reach a deal and reopen the government.

This will also be the first year that the Trump Tax Cuts go into effect and the GOP is hoping the blow of the government shutdown will be softened when people see benefits from the tax cuts.

65 percent of households will see a tax cut this season, though critics have pointed out that the majority of those cuts will go to wealthier Americans.

The Tax Policy Center released data indicating that a household earning $50,000 to $75,000 annually will receive an $870 cut, while a household earning $1 million or more will see a $69,660 cut.

Further complicating matters is the fact that training for IRS helpline workers on the new tax cut regulations has been impeded by the government shutdown. This may make it harder for taxpayers to get questions answered as they fill out their forms this year.

The IRS opened its free tax filing program to the public last Friday, and the official start of the tax season is January 28th.