Iowa man charged with attempted murder after tractor-attack

Photo courtesy of Iowa Department of Public Safety

DES MOINES, IOWA — An Iowa man is being charged with attempted murder after he impaled a sheriff’s car with the bale spear of a tractor and rammed the vehicle more than 100 feet.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon when the Decatur County Sheriff and two deputies were dispatched to a home in rural Grand River after a 911 call reported an altercation between family members.

The initial responding deputy was confronted by Gerry Greenland, 54, who was driving a John Deere 4250 tractor that was outfitted with a front-end bale spear. As the deputy drove up the driveway, Greenland charged the tractor toward the deputy’s vehicle. The deputy took evasive action to avoid contact with the tractor.

Greenland then turned and drove towards where the sheriff was sitting in his vehicle, which was parked in the grass next to the driveway.

The tractor struck the vehicle, forcing one of the bale spear tines through the driver’s door and pushing it more than 100 feet.

When the tractor and vehicle came to a rest, deputies were able to get Mr. Greenland from the tractor and take him into custody without further incident.

The sheriff was unharmed.

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