Indoor Kart racing brings fun to kids and adults at Kjerstad

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Go-kart racing never takes a break- in fact, when snow hits the ground, they simply move indoors, to places like Kjerstad Event Center.

Mike Dimond who runs Outlaw Dirt Promotions uses his road construction background to create indoor tracks for youth and adult races. Many racers say it’s one of the best indoor tracks in the region, and a great place for kids to learn and get in some practice.

Go KartsBefore racing, kids and their parents set their karts up for success.

“The more prep work you do, less chance you have to have another mechanical failure or something,” says Wade Bahr, who had four kids racing and grew up racing himself. “You know, races are won in the shops, so the more the more you pay attention your cards, the more you work on them, the better off you are.”

Mike says he’s watched his own kids progress over the years, and the best parts are the family atmosphere, and watching new racers maneuver their way to victory.

“They come in and someone’s brand new. And just watching them, helping them get to the level, you know, where they pick up a win, their first win, and they’re so excited. It’s just a stepping stone,” Bahr adds. A stepping stone towards dreams of larger races, like NASCAR. 

Dimond says that the next track he’ll build will be outside the Kjerstad Event Center in April.

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