Increased risk of wildfire during the months of March and April

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Fire Departments in the area are warning locals that this weekend there is expected to be an increased risk of wildland fire.

With snow melting and the warmer temperatures rolling in, grass and other vegetation will become dry across the plains. Dry vegetation is very flammable, and a small spark can turn into a big disaster.

This is the most dangerous time of the year because the grass is dead and dry, and the fresh green grass has yet to come in. Not only is it getting warmer and drier, but the winds are picking up which makes the spread of these fires rapid.

Fire departments are always on high alert during the months of March and April because of the increased risk.

“Just be cognizant of what you’re doing with any sort of ignition source and just help us prevent starting these fires,” says Gail Schmidt, the Fire Chief of Rockerville VFD.

As always don’t throw anything flammable out of car windows and never try to put these fires out on your own.

Call the fire department immediately if you are in a situation where wildland fire is present.

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