Inaugural “Old Glory Patriot Ride” roars into Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Big names – both local and national – taking the stage for the first Old Glory Patriot Ride. Sidney Powell served as the Grand Marshal and featured speaker.

South Dakota Citizens for Liberty and Tomi Collins, Executive Director for America Restored.

The inaugural ride starting at Three Forks in Hill City and following Highway 385 all the way to Deadwood…led by the “Trump Bus.”

“We love Trump, we love America. And this is what it’s all about —it’s all about fun, right?,” says Nina Herrera of the Trump Bus.

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Sidney Powell speaks at the Old Glory Patriot Ride and BBQ in Deadwood August 8, 2021

The ride ending at the First Golden Hotel on Main Street in Deadwood with a Rally and barbecue.

Powell in her speech advocating for “free and fair elections” and encouraging supporters to “return this country to God.”

“You can’t solve any problem unless you correctly identify what the problem is…So we need to teach our children to seek the truth…And speak the truth,” Powell says.

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