“I Don’t Feel Like It Limits Me” – Arizona Songwriter Offers Unique Inspiration

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz — It’s often said music can reach the depth of the soul.

“It’s kind of an outlet to express myself and how I’m feeling,” said Victoria Chiantella, a Singer/Songwriter from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Strumming her songs on a ukulele, Victoria says songwriting is a little different than most.

Victoria 18

“I love the sound of it. It has a really nice warm sound,” said Chiantella said.

There is also something unique about Victoria.

“I was born missing my arm below the elbow down,” Chiantella said. “Yeah, so I use the end of my arm and strum. Ever since I was really little. I learned to adapt. Whether it be crawling or picking up an instrument.”

“I was really fortunate. My mom is amazing, and she never let anything get in my way or let me get in my way.”

Victoria has never thought of her left arm as a disadvantage.

“I don’t feel like it limits me,” Chiantella said. If anything, it actually helps me meet other people that I normally wouldn’t have met.”

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