I Am Legacy takes a lap to raise awareness for youth suicide

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The I Am Legacy Youth took a lap at Rushmore Mall on Friday to raise awareness about youth suicide.

The effort was completely led and organized by the I Am Legacy youth program, and started as an idea from three members who where personally impacted by suicide. The group then organized a walk at Rushmore Mall to raise awareness to youth suicide, which they feel is a growing problem especially amongst Native American youth.

I Am Legacy says it’s an inspiration to see youth take such an active role in the community.

“I just hope that more youth follow suit to doing proactive things for their community, for their peers and also the future because they are our future,” said Tiana Spotted Thunder, an I Am Legacy intern.

Starting from I Am Legacy, the group made a lap around the mall carrying signs in memory of those lost to suicide and messages of hope for their peers.

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