I. Am. Legacy community center opens at Rushmore Mall

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The I.Am. Legacy Center had its grand opening Friday afternoon.

The center is designed to be a safe space for people to open up about personal struggles, social issues, and trauma. Each week the center will have events tailored toward people of all ages and backgrounds. 

“What one part of the community is experiencing fruitions and affects everybody,” said founder, Erik Bringswhite.

Twice a week they host women’s gatherings and several times a week they host events for youth and teens.  During these gatherings, attendees learn about and discuss topics such as drugs, violence, and mental health.

They hope to create a place where people can relate to each other about topics that are often considered taboo. The founders of the center want to get to the bottom of social issues before they become a problem on a legal level.

“If you don’t transition through your trauma there’s a good chance that you’ll transfer your trauma,” said Bringswhite.

I Am. Legacy hopes to bring freedom and fellowship for those who are looking for a community or support system.

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