I-90 opened to traffic, SDDOT warns of continued hazardous conditions

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Departments of Transportation and Public Safety have opened the closed portions of I-90 and I-29 in both directions.

Travelers today are asked to use extreme caution, take their time, reduce speed, avoid distractions, wear their seatbelts, keep the cruise off, be prepared for changing conditions and allow extra space between their vehicles and the vehicle in front of them. Travelers are also advised to be especially cautious around bridge ends and overpasses.

SDDOT snowplows crews are out working and motorists are reminded plows travel at 25 mph or less and to stay eight car lengths behind the plow to allow ample stopping time on icy roadways.

Travelers are advised to never pass in a snow cloud and to remember that the plows are clearing the road in front of them.

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