Humane society renovations geared towards making dogs more comfortable

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Humane Society of the Black Hills is going through some big renovations aimed at improving conditions for its canine inhabitants.

In the wild climate of the Black Hills– with its hot, dry summers and its bitterly cold winters– providing adequate shelter for homeless pets is that much more important. In the spirit of making life better for both the people and the canine’s that come through the humane society, a major overhaul is being done on the kennels.

The old kennels have been ripped out, making room for improved, newly designed enclosures. These new spaces will remove the chain-link design, replacing them with Plexiglas instead.

“This has been a huge effort, and its been a community driven effort with fundraising, volunteers. This couldn’t happen without them,” said Jerry Steinley, Executive Director. “You know our mission is serving animals, serving community– that’s our mission. This meets the mission and we’re just trying to do more and more as we move forward.”

Another improvement is the sound-proof siding of the kennels, this will allow a little more peace and quiet for the more nervous dogs– as some of their neighbors might be a little more… expressive.

Parkview Evangelical Free Church even added something a little extra, wall mounted sound-proof panels.

“The sound-proof panels that are up, a volunteer group came in from a church, they donated the panels, they donated their time. They came in one night and installed them all, it’s going to make a huge difference; so shout out to them, they did a great job,” said Steinley

Seeing as dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans, this can make a huge difference in helping a new arrival feel a little more at home.

Evidence suggests dogs and humans have been working together for over 15,000 years, greatly helping us build the society we live in today. It’s only natural that we, in turn, should try our best to provide them with a little love in return.

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