How you can help Storybook Island be more accessible to everyone


Storybook Island 9RAPID CITY, S.D.– One of the attractions at Storybook Island is in need of a few upgrades and they need your help to make it happen. The 100 Acre Wood where Pooh Bear and all his friends live is in need of some TLC. A fungus has set into the trees that were supporting the structure and due to rotting and other hazards, had to be removed. Storybook Island not only wants to repair the popular feature but enhance it for everyone’s use.

100 Acre Gala

Storybook Island raising funds to make 100 Acre Wood more accessible:

The 62-year-old park has gone through a number of renovations to increase accessibility. Executive Director of Storybook Island Jackie Laws says, “We had playground equipment that was in here from the 80’s, and it was not compliant and it was not all inclusive for everyone. So this will actually be the eighth piece that we’re fundraising for, to be wheelchair accessible, have sensory boards, braille.”

Storybook Island is hosting a fundraiser “Gala to Save the 100 Acre Wood” on February 11th. You can get tickets by calling the park or you can find more information on their Facebook page here.

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