How to protect your holiday deliveries from porch pirates


Porch Pirates 1RAPID CITY, S.D.– Many holiday shoppers hit the web for Cyber Monday. But you’re not the only one that will be waiting on those deliveries. Porch pirates are also watching for those packages. It’s estimated that Americans will spend close to a half-billion dollars online this holiday season. That’s a lot of stuff that needs to be delivered and it becomes open season for people to steal packages from your porch. Police call these rip-offs, “crimes of opportunity,” which means your best defense is to not provide that opportunity.

The Rapid City Police Department says the best thing to do is make plans to have your deliveries off your porch as soon as possible. Brendyn Medina, RCPD Community Relations Specialist, says, “It all starts with limiting the amount of time that package remains unattended on, say, a doorstep or out in plain view, because that’s when it becomes the biggest opportunity for someone.”

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When it comes to shopping online there are also risks of being scammed and identity theft. Medina says it’s best to keep your shopping to trusted sites. According to Medina, “If it’s a deal that seems too good to be true, or it’s a vendor that you’ve never heard of or you can’t validate a level of trust for that vendor, then it’s probably best just to let that deal pass.” And always, if you see something suspicious, reporting it to the RCPD is advised.


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