How to pick a handgun that works best for you

CUSTER, S.D. — If you’re ready to go through the process of selecting and purchasing a firearm, it’s important to buy one that’s right for you. Phillip Shively, a Captain with the Hot Springs Police Department and Certified Instructor for Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit in SD, offers some tips. 

What’s the durability like?

First, he says to consider how much you’ll be shooting. Some brands are known to be more durable than others, or easier to clean, so depending on how frequently you intend to target shoot, you may choose a different brand.

What size are you looking for?

Another factor to consider is the size of handgun that you want.

“You’re going to give something up somewhere. There’s going to be a sacrifice with any gun that you get,” Captain Shively says, explaining that you’ll likely give up capacity for size or vice versa. “Full size Glocks have a lot of capacity to them…so with the big gun, especially with the light, it’s heavy, it’s going to be a lot less recoil.”

However, he explains that the smaller pistols are much easier for concealed carry purposes.

 Preferences on grip, trigger, and sights?

“Trigger distances are different, handle thicknesses are different, where the sights sit on the gun,” all of these are different on different pistols, Captain Shively explains.

What feels right?

Captain Shively recommends going to a store in person to see what simply feels best.

“Everybody’s going to have some sort of personal preference when it comes to a gun, so I would encourage people to get out to the different gun stores, look at the different guns, see what fits your hand,” he says. 

His Concealed Carry classes are taught at Southern Hills Tactical in Custer.

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